Yorkshire Terriers - 7 Tips for Breeding Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire - Yorkshire Terriers - 7 Tips for Breeding Your Yorkshire Terrier

Hi friends. Today, I learned about Yorkshire - Yorkshire Terriers - 7 Tips for Breeding Your Yorkshire Terrier. Which may be very helpful to me so you. Yorkshire Terriers - 7 Tips for Breeding Your Yorkshire Terrier

Breeding your Yorkshire terrier can be a very special event. You may have always wanted to breed dogs, or you might just want to have a new puppy that you can raise from birth. But breeding these tiny dogs can have a whole set of problems and situations that arise that you may or may not be fully ready to deal with. Here are 7 things you should know before breeding your Yorkie.

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If you do not own the male that will sire the pups you will need to be in taste with man who does. It is typical that the owner of the male will get their pick of puppies from the litter, but you may make any arrangements that you and the other man agree upon.If you do own the male you will want to pay close concentration to exactly when the female comes into heat. It is best to cut off them until the two or three day duration in which you want to mate the two dogs. This is because you will need to know within a day or two when to expect the new arrivals. The gestation duration for dogs is 63 days from the time of conception.At around the six to seven week point you should take your female to the vet for an ultrasound. She should already have been cleared by your vet as ready to breed, but the ultrasound is to see exactly how many puppies she is carrying. If there are only one or two you may have to have a Caesarean section performed to insure that your female is not in danger. If there are three or more puppies then she should be able to deliver them at home.During the last week of your yorkie's gravidity you, or man else who is very responsible, should stay with her at all times. All dogs are notorious for waiting until there is no one at home to sneak away and give birth.During delivery make sure that each puppy comes out cleanly from the protective sack they are born in. If this sack is not removed immediately the puppy will drown in the fluid.Make a nesting area for the new mom and her puppies. The puppies must be kept warn during the first few weeks if they are to survive.Weigh the puppies on a kitchen scale each day to make sure they are gaining weight. If they do not begin gaining weight in the first two days you may need to supplement their feeding with puppy formula.

By making yourself aware of these 7 things you will give your Yorkshire terrier and her puppies the best possible occasion of survival and a wholesome start in their lives.

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