Towel Animal Puppy Stars In popular Carnival Cruise commercial

Swan Hotel - Towel Animal Puppy Stars In popular Carnival Cruise commercial

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Have you seen the latest Carnival Cruise commercial? In the mornin', in the evenin', ain't we got fun?... Carnival is currently celebrating it's 35th year in carrying out and maintains it's status as the world's largest cruise operator. But what's the big deal about their latest commercial?

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Swan Hotel

Well, at the very end of the commercial a child is shown going to bed with a soft, cuddly....towel? That's right, a towel. But not your ordinary towel. A towel folded into the shape of a puppy!

It's been a long-standing treat on cruise lines to come back to your cabin and be greeted by one of these adorable towel animals (aka towel origami). As a matter of fact, after the food, it seems to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Cabin stewards train for more than 10 hours to learn how to make towel animals. What animals can you learn to fold with towels? How about a swan, a turtle, a snail, an elephant, a scorpion, a puppy , or even a hanging monkey.

Carnival has had so much interest in their towel animal creations that they have published a book with over 35 different towel animals. You've got to buy it from the gift shop while on board the ship though.

For others who would like to make their own towel origami, but don't have the bucks to take a cruise, books are available at many online book retailers.

It's a great way to spice up a guest bedroom, make a bed & morning meal a miniature more inviting, or even boost tip revenue if you're a part of a hotel housekeeping staff.

So the next time you see Carnival's familiar "Ain't we got fun?" commercial, consider using towel animals to have your own fun.

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Yorkshire Towns - Harrogate and Knaresborough

Harrogate - Yorkshire Towns - Harrogate and Knaresborough

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The Victorian Spa town of Harrogate is perhaps most supreme for its healing waters - which can still be tasted today at the supreme Harrogate Royal Pump Room museum, but - beware - the water is reputed to be the strongest Sulfur water in Europe! Harrogate today though, far from being Victorian is perhaps one of the most cosmopolitan towns in Yorkshire. With chic boutiques, quaint mews streets, some of the best fine dining in Yorkshire sitting alongside beautifully landscaped gardens and open green spaces, Harrogate has something for everyone.

A gallivant into the Montpellier Quarter sees aged shops, art galleries, bijou gift shops and Olde Worlde pubs sitting alongside of each other whilst the world supreme Betty's Tea Rooms is a short gallivant away and not to be missed! Close to the Montpellier Quarter is the gorgeous English patrimony Grade Ii Valley Gardens. The gardens, together with woodland known locally as "The Pinewoods", cover an area of 17 acres and contain more natural mineral water springs than any other known place. Summer weekends see band concerts being held in Valley Gardens. Unique structure such as the Sun Pavilion and Colonnades are to be found in the gardens together with lots of play areas for children.

Garden lovers visiting Harrogate should not miss the Royal Horticultural community Gardens at Harlow Carr. The gardens, dominated by stone, water and woodlands very much blend into the Yorkshire countryside into which they have been created. With cleverly created sculptures and amusements for children both young and old sitting alongside astonishing landscaped gardens, a gift and bookshop and a Betty's Tea Rooms there is something to suit all ages at Harlow Carr, manufacture it a perfect family day out.


Built in the gorge of the River Nidd, Knaresborough has much to offer tourists and locals alike. There are numerous inexpressive passageways, cobbled streets and aged walkways to explore. Attractions contain the ruins of Knaresborough Castle, mum Shiptons petrifying well, any cave dwellings - including the supreme "House in the Rock".

Knaresborough Castle, now a group of ruins is set high on a cliff above the River Nidd. The views from the Castle grounds are naturally breathtaking. It was built nearby 1100 by a Norman Baron and in the 1170s was a refuge for Hugh de Moreville and his followers after they assassinated Thomas Beckett. Now in the possession of the Crown as part of the Duchy of Lancaster, visitors can still see the two storey keep where it is believed Richard Ii was once imprisoned. The dungeon and sallyport (secret tunnel cut 80 feet straight through solid rock to allow access while a siege!) are also open to visitors.

Of the colourful characters known to come from Knaresborough perhaps the most supreme are the road builder, Blind Jack, and the Prophetess mum Shipton. mum Shiptons' cave, believed to be one of the oldest traveler attractions in England, is the birthplace of the 15th century prophetess. A visit to her birthplace takes in a gorgeous gallivant along the banks of the River Nidd and at the petrifying well one can see articles hanging up which have "turned to stone" as the concentrated limestone has dripped upon them. These articles contain a children's teddy bear and a gentleman's top hat. The picturesque and cobbled store quadrate has among the shops surrounding it what is reputed to be the oldest chemist shop in England, opened in 1720. It is as if time has stood still when you look at its unusual façade and dated interior - which still has the original fixtures and fittings of the period, manufacture this shop of special interest to tourists, historians and local school children for their homework!

Other places of interest in an nearby Knaresborough contain the justice building and museum, Conyngham Hall, Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre with nearby Plompton Rocks and Harewood House being only a short drive away.

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sublime Women in Jazz - Blues Singers

Swan Hotel - sublime Women in Jazz - Blues Singers

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Gertrude Pridgett or great recognized as Gertrude "Ma" Rainey was one of the many preeminent women blues singers. She was called "Mother of the Blue's since she was the first true blues singer and one of the female singers that performed the blues in minstrel and vaudeville shows. She was the first female to report the blues expertly when she signed a recording covenant with preeminent in 1923. In the middle of the years 1923 and 1928 she recorded 100 songs on preeminent records. In 1983, Gertrude Rainy was inducted into the Blues Foundation's Blue Hall of Fame.

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Swan Hotel

Bessie Smith was someone else one of the preeminent blues singers of the 1920s and 30s and was called the "Empress of the Blues." She began her professional work in the year 1912 when she joined the Rabbit Foot Minstrels led by Gertrude "Ma" Rainey. Before long she signed with Columbia's records and had major hits called Down Hearted Blues and Gulf Coast Blues. She went on to report more then 150 songs. Some were so beloved that as many as 150,000 copies sold in a week. Her broad expressive range was only one of her many qualities that made her an superior blues singer.

A beloved blues singer in the 1920s was Ida Cox. She was only 14 when she joined traveling vaudeville shows. Ida began a recording covenant in 1923 with Paramount. Her first blues recordings were called "Graveyard Dream Blues" and Weary Way Blues." She wrote many of her own songs. She often recorded songs for preeminent with her Blues pianist husband Jesse Crump. Some of the songs she performed with her husband were Bone Orchard Blues, Black Crepe Blues and Worn Down Daddy.

Alberta Hunter was one the preeminent women blues singers. Her work flourished in the 1920s and 30s. She was a songwriter as well as a blues singer. She wrote Downhearted Blues in 1923 for Bessie Smith and it was a big hit. Alberta also appeared in New York and London clubs and on stage in musicals. Her recording work began in New York in 1921 where she recorded for the Black Swan Label. In 1922 she started to report with Paramount. In 1927 she went to Europe where she sang in musical revues. She became preeminent there and stayed for many years. In 1956 she retired from singing and became a nurse. She resumed her singing work in 1977.

Ethel Waters was also one of the preeminent women blues singers. At seventeen, Ethel was discovered by Braxton and Nugent when they heard her sing at the apartments where she was employed. They paid her .00 a week to work in their vaudeville unit. She had a low and clear voice and audiences felt her emotions when she sang. In the middle of 1921 and 1924 she recorded songs for the Black Swan label. She was signed on with Columbia records in 1925. The type of voice she had gave her the quality to sing many different types of music including jazz. She also became a dramatic actress.

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